Foods to Try in Singapore

In Singapore, Chinese New Year is synonymous with house parties, unkind celebrations, along with the joy of unique and iconic culinary delights. The Chinese-style hotshot is known as Steamboat in Singapore. Also, when you visit the country, you will know more about licensed money lender singapore.

Longevity Noodles


The Chinese eat noodles on many holidays, not only during the Lunar New Year. Not only because of its similarity to the great good luck words but also because the elongated nature of noodles suggests longevity in Chinese culture. Finally, when noodles are used as Chinese New Year dishes, they are often cooked in a pile for visiting relatives and family members.

Hot Pot

In Singapore, the Chinese hot pot is known as Steamboat and is very similar to China’s varieties. It usually consists of a massive pot of steaming meat, and each diner cooks his or her portion of the meal by dipping ingredients such as fish, vegetables, or meat into the broth. However, this is no longer an issue in recent decades as food accessibility has made it more affordable.



Tangerines are traditional Chinese New Year gifts, as they signify prosperity for the Chinese. One of the many reasons for this belief is that the fruit resembles a fascinating piece of gold. Most Chinese dialectal expressions for tangerines resemble good luck, making this fruit highly desired during New Year celebrations. Lastly, tangerines smell good. They are also a refreshing drink.

Melon Seeds

Home visits are essential during Chinese New Year, and hosts are expected to prepare appropriate snacks and drinks for a holiday. Besides all kinds of cookies, fruits, nuts, and preserved fruits, melon seeds are often served. Once a relatively inexpensive snack, melon seeds are now quite expensive as all sorts of exotic varieties are imported from all over the world. However, they remain a popular Chinese New Year snack. For many families, these addictive treats are considered a must-have. They are also often happily given as gifts.


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Fun Ways to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

With today’s unhealthy environment, leading a healthier lifestyle seems to be no longer an option. Instead, it is one thing that everyone needs to do and prioritize. As we cannot change the world, the only thing that we are capable of doing is to start being healthy from within. However, it is when problems begin to occur as not everyone is motivated enough when it comes to health and fitness. Most people prefer to eat junk and processed foods, although they know that such options contain preservatives and additives. The worst thing they probably have to deal with in the future is carcinogenic diseases. Yet, they still do not care about what is coming next.

The above explanation implies the need for fun ways to start living healthily. This article gives you some ideas and tips to start doing so without feeling like going through hell.

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Walk Everywhere

Most people will grab the car or motorcycle keys whenever they need to go somewhere. Fortunately, with a little modification, you can turn your daily schedule and business into a potentially healthy exercise. One way to do so is to walk everywhere you go. Of course, you do not need to walk if you need to reach destinations that are miles away from your residence. Instead, you can take the subway or other public transportation. You can walk to the nearest station or bus stop instead of getting an Uber or a taxi. Walking proves to give your body great benefits as it accommodates the need for constant muscle movement. Those who move their bodies regularly are known to have a stronger immune system, bones, and muscles.

Tasty Recipes

sliced of veggiesMost people are not willing to eat healthy meals since they lack flavors. Being creative with the recipes is the key to satisfy yourself while maintaining your fitness. You can start with easy recipes, such as soup or salad, and add a significant amount of meat or seafood just to get your body to like the new intake.

Infused Water

Staying hydrated is the next key to living healthily. Unfortunately, not all people are fond of drinking an adequate amount of water. They argue that water tastes plain, and it is just not their favorite. If you are currently dealing with the issue, you can trick your body into liking water by adding some flavors. Then, infused water proves to be the best solution for the problem. Infused water provides fresh and flavorful water that your body needs. The additional taste does not change the quality of the water. Instead, you can expect more nutrients from the flavor.