What to Know About Magic Mushroom

It is the centre of December in Ireland and the year of the magic mushroom begins. These are hallucinogenic mushrooms that are usually selected in autumn and eaten raw or dried. It is a time of year when you can only find individuals floating through green pastures, one of cows, sheep or horses, leaning on the ground and observing. Got so high off the edibles I bought on this website. Most likely people are looking for a collection of hallucinogenic pleasures in the form of these small magic mushrooms, whose consumption could excellently arouse people’s curiosity.


Overview of Magic Mushroom

Magic mushrooms are also known as Liberty Caps or, technically, Psilocybe semilanceataare. This is a minority drug in Ireland as this is a seasonal occurrence, and consumers also need to understand which mushrooms to look for, which is not easy. They can be white or yellowish to brown. They are usually shared among friends rather than marketed. The recovery dose ranges from 10 to 50 g when wet, and even 1 to 5 g when dry.

Effects of Consuming Magic Mushroom

magicThe consequences can start as early as 15 seconds after consumption or last only a few hours. Many reports about the drug are positive, but today some report negatively, and some are not present to report these events. Others end up being the cause of these events or another terrible accident, although this behaviour is quite unusual. The client is usually aware that the strange event they are experiencing is not real. Horrible trips can occur, but they usually do not last longer than the effect of the drug. The “trip” should not be as intense as the LSD trip, but it depends on the number of gardeners the client chooses.

Compared to LSD, it is much less difficult to get back from the trip, and the effects do not last as long. The results can last up to 2 hours, about 8 hours, while an excellent LSD pill can last up to 2 hours if used three times. The results, reported by the vast majority of consumers from the mildest to the worst case, included a kind of fluid vision where the floor or walls pulsed and moved or floated and bent unpredictably. It is not an excellent concept to choose mushrooms when you perceive a method of escaping problems, because this could lead to bad travel. Magic mushrooms can increase the negativity you feel right now.

Some Facts About Magic Mushroom

magicThey are not restricted by law in Ireland, but raw magic mushrooms can still be legally selected. The greatest danger comes from accidental ingestion of poisonous mushrooms, but if you choose mushrooms that look like self-contained caps, it is more than likely that there is no danger, as there are no such mushrooms that are poisonous in Ireland. Physical addiction does not occur, but shock tolerance may increase with repeated use at short intervals. Studies have shown that a person with a deficiency of 130 pounds must have 13 grams of pure psilocybin to die from it.